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About Gwynne Hunt

I am a writer, activist, producer, director and creative performance artist. My new book Through My Lens is based on newspaper clippings going back to 1928; the stories in-between the clippings are about my mom Gunvor Berglund, my step-dad Ronald Robinson and my DNA father Harold Larsen. How did they come together to make me? Some of the research was shocking, some funny but it left me to define the parts of the story I did not know. a tribute to my three parents. My last book, Unlocking the Tin box is about my journey into trying to find our who I was, who my father was; a complicated con man and a carny. But he was more than that and the journey took me as far as doing DNA tests, digging through his old tin box and an examination of my own life. Published by Silver Bow Publishing, available from the Publisher, Amazon and the Author. Fifteen years ago, the book ‘Rampage; the pathology of an epidemic’ written by me was released at the International Celebration of Women in Abbotsford. The book is my personal journey over six years working on the book and the Memory March (a walk/vigil honouring over 4,000 missing and murdered women and children in Canada). It includes interviews with grassroots' workers she met. There are a lot of individual, concerned people who work to end violence against women. One of those women is Mary Billy, a writer and activist in Squamish. There are interviews, case stories and conversations with family member’s who have lost loved ones. The book is not about how we are going to end the violence but an examination of the problems, concerns and stereotypical thinking that keeps us trapped in a cycle of violence. Included are the names of 4,000 missing and murdered women and children that have been compiled for The List. Other books include bruises & bad haircuts (poetry) and Bob & Boo. (illustrated by my grandkids)

“A HumanMade Affair”

“A Human-Made Affair”: Art Matter’s Society presents a two day event at the Kariton Gallery in conjunction with the Abbotsford Art’s Council.  Saturday, September 24 and Sunday the 25th .  Saturday is  a global day of 100 Poets For Change … Continue reading

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What is a feminist?

Tired of arguing what it meant to be a feminist, I decided to find out just what a feminist is . . .to me it used to be burning my bra, taking birth control pills, free love and taking a … Continue reading

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Spreading the Word

Although the Abbotford Art’s Council Arty Awards have been postponed until October 22, 2011–the nominees met May 28 for some pictures and a chance to receive thir award nomination certificates.  I have been nominated for a Literary Award.  I don’t have … Continue reading

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Can we end violence against women?

Violence against women—will it ever end? by Gwynne Hunt Violence against women is a well-documented fact.  I have spent the last six years researching and compiling a database of names of missing and murdered women and children. It started with … Continue reading

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Gender Violence & Self-Mutilation

Disfigurment; real & self-imposed  by Gwynne Hunt Who would have ever thought that cheap sulfuric acid would increase gender violence towards women?  It is estimated that over 200 acid mutilations occur in Bangladesh every year.  Our western publications cover cases of … Continue reading

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Ending violence

Every year 160-200 women are killed in Canada. We know about 100 children are murdered every year as well. What are we doing about it? Do you even know what is going on in your back yard? next door?  What … Continue reading

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Reader’s Respond

I just found this on tumblr. but did not put the writer’s name on it as I don’t know it-just a blog I found interesting about Rampage:the pathology of an epidemic I’m reading a new book Rampage;the pathology of an … Continue reading

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Editor’s Notes

“Spring has sprung, the grass is riz”.  That phrase is often credited to Ogden Nash or ee cummings but the author is anonymous-the title of the poem is “Spring in the Bronx” March 19th–the day before spring sprung in Abbotsford, … Continue reading

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Memory March Press

Gwynne Hunt believes the death of any woman and girl due to violence is inexcusable. So inexcusable that she has organized an Abbotsford Memory March, a silent walk and ceremony in remembrance of the hundreds of women that go missing … Continue reading

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Rampage:the pathology of an epidemic

My business is as a publisher of small poetry chapbooks, memoirs, social activism books and cookbooks. As a writer, creative writing teacher and as a playwright, I offer all editing and writing services. “Rampage; the pathology of an epidemic” is … Continue reading

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