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About Gwynne Hunt

I am a writer, activist, producer, director and creative performance artist. My new book Through My Lens is based on newspaper clippings going back to 1928; the stories in-between the clippings are about my mom Gunvor Berglund, my step-dad Ronald Robinson and my DNA father Harold Larsen. How did they come together to make me? Some of the research was shocking, some funny but it left me to define the parts of the story I did not know. a tribute to my three parents. My last book, Unlocking the Tin box is about my journey into trying to find our who I was, who my father was; a complicated con man and a carny. But he was more than that and the journey took me as far as doing DNA tests, digging through his old tin box and an examination of my own life. Published by Silver Bow Publishing, available from the Publisher, Amazon and the Author. Fifteen years ago, the book ‘Rampage; the pathology of an epidemic’ written by me was released at the International Celebration of Women in Abbotsford. The book is my personal journey over six years working on the book and the Memory March (a walk/vigil honouring over 4,000 missing and murdered women and children in Canada). It includes interviews with grassroots' workers she met. There are a lot of individual, concerned people who work to end violence against women. One of those women is Mary Billy, a writer and activist in Squamish. There are interviews, case stories and conversations with family member’s who have lost loved ones. The book is not about how we are going to end the violence but an examination of the problems, concerns and stereotypical thinking that keeps us trapped in a cycle of violence. Included are the names of 4,000 missing and murdered women and children that have been compiled for The List. Other books include bruises & bad haircuts (poetry) and Bob & Boo. (illustrated by my grandkids)

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Kristen Hunt rated it it was amazing A peek back in time from the raucous 30’s all the way to the mid-80’s “Through My Lens” offers a look into the life of 4 people who became intertwined during the great depression. We … Continue reading

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Review of Through My Lens

THROUGH MY LENS by Gwynne Hunt Review by Elma Schemenauer When Gwynne Hunt was 69, she discovered that her biological father wasn’t Ronald Robinson, as she had always thought. He was Harold Larsen. In her biographical book THROUGH MY LENS, … Continue reading

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Coming Soon!

Though My Lens has been shipped and should arrive within the week. for an etransfer of $24 plus shipping (depending on where you live $12 to $18) Visit my Youtube channel to see a book trailer and preview of … Continue reading

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Review of Unlocking the Tin Box

Review by Jannett Dunnett author of The Dwindling Midway through this romp through time, from the 60’s to the edge of the book’s publication in 2019, the author’s sister states what I think this book is about. “It isn’t all … Continue reading

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Through My Lens takes a look back through the depression, the second world war and into the eighties by examining newspaper accounts. Gwynne has woven a fictional story linking the newspaper clippings together. There was an unsettling past, she knew that, what she did not know was the shocking stories that she would find through her research. Her stepfather who she grew up believing was her real father was a murder suspect, a drug dealer, a vagrant and a thief. In 1947 the largest drug deal to ever hit the West Coast involved her stepfather, his wife and stepson. In later years his ex-wife was called the Big Boss of Powell Street. Everyone knew Marie Robinson. Through family accounts and detailed written stories, she found out her real father was from Standard, Alberta. Her father had Great-Uncles; one who was a famous artist and one who was a world traveler and explorer bringing back rare seeds from Russia and China. Her mother had always told her to be ‘careful what you wish for’, she should have reminded her that she might not like what she found. Her mother rebelled from a strict upbringing and religion and after the loss of seven children went down a path that led her to alcoholism. Somehow the three of them; her mother Gunvor, her stepfather Ron and her real father Harold stumbled together. It is a true story with lots of fictional accounts. Gwynne Hunt THROUGH MY LENS Silver Bow Publishing $23.95, on amazon or it can be purchased through Gwynne at $24 plus shipping

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New Events

Island Writers; Gwynne Hunt and Joan Donaldson-Yarmey have teamed up through the group W.O.W. (women on writing) to do some presentations this October/November.  Gwynne says, “There must be a need for women writers to come together because I posted the … Continue reading

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New Reading and presentation of Storytelling & Traditions

Friday, November 1, 2-4 PM  Vancouver Island Regional Library 6250 Hammond Bay Rd, Nanaimo, BC Storytelling & Traditions Storytelling is one of the earliest forms of folk-art.  Some stories are gathered, adapted from books or imaginative live theatre. Gwynne Hunt … Continue reading

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New Book-Unlocking the Tin Box

“A fresh and invigorating read that brings both smiles and tears to the reader. It is emotional, raw, evocative yet quite an entertaining read indeed.”
Silver Bow Publishing Continue reading

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Alberni Valley Fringe Theatre Festival Booking Fast . . .a few spots left for Delicious Fringe-a-licious! June19,20,21,22 at the Capitol Theatre and the Bavarian Centre in Port Alberni! Bitt’s of Tease Cabaret, Zelda;the last flapper, Summer in the City, the … Continue reading

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Fringe 2014 new application

Alberni Valley Fringe Theatre Festival                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               2014 Application Form Main Stage Productions: plays, film, dance, music, stand-up comedy, performance art, etc   Contact Name:   Address:________________________________________________________________   ________________________________________________________________________   City:_____________________________   Postal code______________________________________   Telephone:________________________Fax:_______________________   E-mail:___________________________   Alternate contact … Continue reading

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