Alberni Valley Fringe Theatre Festival

2013 Theatre Artist Applications now Available for the new Alberni Valley Fringe Theatre Festival . . . on beautiful Vancouver Island!

Here’s how you can apply:

Contact Artistic Director Gwynne Hunt @   250-723-7883

Currently working on a website and it will be available soon!

In the meantime . . .






-FRINGE DATES ARE JUNE21,22,23 2013.


Main Stage

The Capitol Theatre is home to the Portal Players and is a beautiful 230 seat theatre.

The cost is $250 for two shows which includes basic lights and sound with full stage, front of house and tech support. Guaranteed performance time slots-we book you in at the time you request until the venue is full. This cost is for full one-act plays in the evening. There are 10 spots available. Five one-act plays or equivalent.

For Children’s afternoon slots the cost is $75 per show for a full hour of stage time. Basic lights, sound, tech and front of house.6 spots available.

Fill-in spots for $75 for 15 to 20 minute performance art pieces. Book one and we will slot you in where and when we can. Book two or more and we will guarantee spots for you at the time you want. Singer/song/writers, poets, slam poets, storytellers.

Dance troupes pay the same as one acts. 6 spots available.

Venue Boutique Opportunities

Char’s Landing

Char’s Landing is across the street from the Capitol Theatre and is a quaint re-designed church—seats 100 and is perfect for stand up comics, bands—basic sound and lights with  lighting options. Intimate seating arrangement. All times spots are for one hour-you can request ore and the price charged will reflect that but a basic spot is $100. 8 spots.

Main Artery

Down Argyle Street from the theatre ½ block and still in the Rotary Art’s District is a 25 seat venue-store by day, mini theatre by night. Lights, microphone-great for singer/songwriter or poetry slams. $50 per spot. 8 spots.

Steam Punk Café

Still in the art’s district around the corner on 3rd this is a 50 seat coffee shop. 6 spots/$50 per spot and would work well for stand-up, singers, or small skits. 15-30 minutes.

Why attend our Festival?

-It is at the beginning of the Fringe Festivals-a good place to tighten up your show before your tour or work on a piece for other juried Festivals

-Port Alberni is thirsty for alternative theatre and we believe all shows will perform to good audiences.

-we are friendly, billeting is free (while still available

-free passes to all participants to see each other’s shows (if show not sold out)

= Port Alberni is a waterfront community at the heart of the west coast of Vancouver Island. We are situated at the end of a 48 kilometre-long inlet and offer wilderness access/amazing scenery.



About Gwynne Hunt

I am a writer, activist, producer, director and creative performance artist. My new book Through My Lens is based on newspaper clippings going back to 1928; the stories in-between the clippings are about my mom Gunvor Berglund, my step-dad Ronald Robinson and my DNA father Harold Larsen. How did they come together to make me? Some of the research was shocking, some funny but it left me to define the parts of the story I did not know. a tribute to my three parents. My last book, Unlocking the Tin box is about my journey into trying to find our who I was, who my father was; a complicated con man and a carny. But he was more than that and the journey took me as far as doing DNA tests, digging through his old tin box and an examination of my own life. Published by Silver Bow Publishing, available from the Publisher, Amazon and the Author. Fifteen years ago, the book ‘Rampage; the pathology of an epidemic’ written by me was released at the International Celebration of Women in Abbotsford. The book is my personal journey over six years working on the book and the Memory March (a walk/vigil honouring over 4,000 missing and murdered women and children in Canada). It includes interviews with grassroots' workers she met. There are a lot of individual, concerned people who work to end violence against women. One of those women is Mary Billy, a writer and activist in Squamish. There are interviews, case stories and conversations with family member’s who have lost loved ones. The book is not about how we are going to end the violence but an examination of the problems, concerns and stereotypical thinking that keeps us trapped in a cycle of violence. Included are the names of 4,000 missing and murdered women and children that have been compiled for The List. Other books include bruises & bad haircuts (poetry) and Bob & Boo. (illustrated by my grandkids)
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